Update on my life

Hello all. I know it’s been a few months since I updated this blog (you will see the reason for this later on in this post) but I am pleasantly surprised that people are still coming to this page every day despite months of neglect on my part.

My life has changed a lot since I last posted. My beautiful son was born on the 10th of May. I never understood how sudden and instant a love you get for your children until the moment I heard him cry. I spend most of my waking hours simply taking him in and looking in wonder at the lovely baby I spent 9 months carrying. With his arrival comes a whole host of new experiences and anxieties. There are the immediate concerns: Is he feeling unwell? What is he trying to tell me? Is this nasal congestion normal or a sign of an impending chest infection? Am I making enough milk for him? Then there’s the long term concerns: Will he have a happy childhood? Will he feel able to talk to me and trust me when he’s older? Will he know how much I love him? Motherhood is daunting but it’s also so rewarding and I genuinely can’t imagine life without him now.

In terms of motherhood with Aspergers, I feel that I have already surpassed expectations in this area. I am coping a lot better than I thought I would when I was still pregnant. I am learning from my son every day and I feel we have a good bond. I feel that he now trusts me to take care of his needs and that he can sense how much love I have for him. I have signed up to cooking lessons which will help me learn how to cook nutritious meals ready for weaning and also to a baby massage class which should be very relaxing for both of us.

I am lucky in being so well supported in this journey. My wonderful husband and mother have been absolutely amazing since I gave birth and I wouldn’t be anywhere near as confident as I am if I was learning it all on my own. For all of my readers out there, whether parents or not, please accept any support offered to you. It really does make so much difference.

I aim to update this blog as much as possible when my motherly duties allow. Thank you so much for all your continued support. I wish you all the very best in life and I will continue to check in here as much as I can.

2 Responses to Update on my life

  1. Debbie Williams says:

    We are so happy for you, and lovely to hear all is going well and have family support. You are a great Mum. X

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