Life Update

Hello everyone. It’s been almost 3 years since I last posted on here, which I can’t quite believe! Life seems to have gone by so quickly and I do feel bad that I’ve neglected this blog. I still get the occasional email alerting me to the fact that somebody has liked one of my posts or commented and it really touches me that, despite being AWOL for so long, people still find this blog and are comforted by it or learn from it.

Now the majority of the world is in enforced isolation/quarantine/lockdown/whatever you prefer to call it as a result of COVID 19, I thought I would use this time well and try and get back to writing my blog posts on a regular basis. Firstly though, I need to give another update on my life as a lot has changed in almost 3 years!

I now have 2 gorgeous little boys-my oldest will be 3 in May and my youngest turns 3 months this Thursday April 2nd. My last pregnancy was very complicated health wise for me and, now I have my 2 wonderful children, I think that’s it for us! I am currently on maternity leave and getting used to having 2 young children. In common with lots of mothers, whether on the spectrum or not, I’m often wracked by “mum guilt”, particularly now that I have 2 children, constantly wondering whether I’m giving each of them enough 1:1 attention or stimulating them enough. I often lie in bed at night wondering if my best is good enough for them. Motherhood is definitely an emotional roller coaster. But, in times where I feel my worries are becoming overwhelming, I try to remember that, as long as my boys grow up to be compassionate and caring individuals, I’ve got motherhood right!

As I haven’t posted on here for so long, I thought I’d ask my readers what they’d like me to post about on here. I’d like my blog to mainly be focused on parenting with Aspergers, purely because I covered a lot of autism topics before I had my children and now want to incorporate motherhood into the themes of my blog posts. But, beyond that remit, I need ideas on what in particular regarding parenting with Aspergers my readers would like to see on here.

Stay safe everybody! Looking forward to hearing some ideas from you all!