A book that’s worth a read!

I know it’s been a while since I last posted and I apologise for that but I’ve been so busy recently. I have been keeping up with people’s comments though. I love to know what people think of my blog so it’s always nice to receive comments, especially when I know that the blog has helped someone to accept their diagnosis or to realise that they are not alone in experiencing a certain trait.

A good friend of mine, who also has Aspergers, has written a book primarily aimed at professionals in the education sector who work with children on the spectrum. The link is here


This book deals honestly with the issue of teaching children on the spectrum in a way that motivates them to learn. Obviously every person on the spectrum is different but, sadly, a common theme among children with autism, particularly those in a mainstream environment, is underachievement in an educational setting. I have met many incredibly bright people on Aspergers forums who dropped out of school because they struggled to keep interested in what they were being taught.

Of course, people who aren’t on the spectrum can also become disillusioned with school and drop out before completing their education. Learning in a mainstream environment can be tough for lots of people, including those with no neurodiverse diagnosis at all. I have 2 close relatives who are teachers so I know just how hard they work and how they differentiate to take into account the needs of every child in their classroom. This is by no means an attack on teachers. I simply think that the more good resources there are out there for people teaching children with autism the better. I also think that learning from someone who is on the spectrum themselves is the best way, hence why I set up this blog two and a half years ago. I cannot fault most of the professionals that specialise in the autistic spectrum and they do bring a much needed awareness and understanding but I always think it’s best to get advice from somebody who lives with that mind and has grown up with those traits.

I hope the book is helpful for people. Please let me know what you think if you do buy it so I can pass the feedback on to my friend. Thank you everyone!


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