My One Year Anniversary of Blogging

Firstly, I apologise for this blog post being later than usual-my boyfriend and I went on a weekend away last weekend and only returned last night so it is one of the first things I am doing back home!

Just over a year ago, while on holiday in Turkey, I came up with the idea of blogging. The phenomenon of blogging was not alien to me-I have friends who have their own personal blogs, as does my boyfriend. I saw that a member of one of the dyspraxia groups I belong to on Facebook had set up a blog. I clicked on the link and read her post. It was deeply personal and I started thinking “I could do this about my life with Aspergers. I could write about situations in my everyday life and explain why I behave in certain ways, really getting people to try and put themselves in my head”. My first blog post was on August 7th 2013, shortly after returning from that holiday.

At the time, I thought that the bulk of my readers would be my friends and relatives. I sent a message to several friends and family members who I thought would be interested in learning more about the way I “tick”. I certainly never imagined that my blog would reach as many people as it has.

Fast forward a year to the current day and my blog has now been viewed in 93 different countries-from Spain to Thailand, from Turkey to Pakistan. It has been viewed in every continent bar Antarctica. I have 72 followers that like my blog enough to receive notifications when I post a new topic. This actually leaves me feeling overwhelmed. When I started blogging, I never imagined that people as far away as Pakistan and Jamaica would be interested in the life of a socially awkward woman from a little town in England. I guess it goes to show just how far reaching the Internet is. I can only hope that, through reading my blog, everybody who has taken time out of their day to read my posts has learned something. I know that the higher functioning end of the autism spectrum is still not recognised in a lot of countries and that, because people in these countries are not getting their needs recognised, the result is depression and isolation. My one main hope I had when starting out on this blog was that my experiences would resonate with even just one person who did not have a diagnosis and lead them to understanding more about why they “tick” in the way that they do. I still do not know whether that hope has come to fruition but I hope that it has. The main purpose of my blog is to help others and I really hope that it has.

Two people in particular helped me on my blogging journey-my boyfriend who also blogs on WordPress and an old family friend of mine who helped me to add my blog to Google so it would appear in search results. I cannot thank them enough and will always be grateful to them for the support they gave me when I was a new blogger.

I have now made 60 posts on my blog-I hope that each one of them has educated my readers on the way that the minds of those of us on the autistic spectrum work. (Except for the pictures of my kitten Bailey which I just hope made people appreciate how adorable he is!) My year of blogging has gone so fast. I would like to thank each and every one of my readers for sticking with this blog-I always welcome suggestions of topics to write about so, if anyone has something they would like me to cover, please just let me know. Here’s to the next year!


3 Responses to My One Year Anniversary of Blogging

  1. Noah Weiss says:

    Congratulations on a year blogging! It is amazing how quickly the time flows when you are writing and considering time in terms of your posts.

  2. alexforshaw says:

    Congratulations Steph! I’ve been enjoying the journey so far and look forward to much more from this blog.

  3. Debbie says:

    Well done, what a fantastic achievement. Xx

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